We offer Learn-To-Skate figure skating lessons year-round for adults, teens, and children, beginner to advanced.

Learn-To-Skate 6 or 7 week series

If it’s your first time or you are ready to get back into skates, we have the right class for you, Beginner to Advanced! Ages 4 and up! Adults too! You or your skater will learn skills according to the National Learn-To-Skate USA curriculum. Our fabulous coaches will teach the FUNdamentals of ice skating in a cool and exciting atmosphere. 

Basic Skills Program

The Basic Skills program are the building blocks of ice skating. Learn-To-Skate USA provides the best foundation for figure skating, hockey, and speed skating. These 6 progressive levels offered introduce forward and backward skating, stopping, edges, crossovers, turns, and beginning jumps and spins. Upon completion of Basic Skills 1-6, skaters will be able to advance to more specialized areas of skating. Our classes are well-structured with a maximum of 12 skaters in a class. Sno-King Snoqualmie’s program focuses on proper skills, development through foundational basics, which are the building blocks that will be the steppingstones of a solid foundation. Classes are taught in a positive, fun, and social environment. Skaters will progress at their own rate and advance after skill mastery is demonstrated.

  • Ages 3 to 5
  • Tots
  • Snowplow Sam introduces preliminary moves to Pre-School age skaters not yet ready for Basic 1. Children will develop preliminary coordination and strength to move around on the ice

    Skaters who complete all 4 Snoplow Sam levels will graduate directly to Basic 2

  • Ages 6 to 17
  • Children
  • Master basic through more difficult skills, learning correct technique, and building confidence.

    Completion of Basic 6 prepares skaters for Pre-Free Skate, with greater emphasis on the control, speed, and agility needed for a more serious recreational skater, hockey, or figure skater.

  • Ages 18+
  • Adults
  • Six levels of proficiency geared to the beginner adult skater

    The adult curriculum is designed for both beginning and experienced adult skaters who wish to improve their skating skills. Participation in the program will help promote physical fitness and improve balance and coordination while teaching proper skating techniques.


  • All Ages
  • Aspire Academy
  • Transitions to more serious figure skating from Pre-Freeskate to Freestyle 6, learning increasingly difficult jumps, spins, foot-work and spiral sequences, turns and edgework, our classes prepare skates for higher level U.S. Figure Skating.

    Moves in the Field, Freestyle, and Ice Dance tests.


  • Each Enrolled Skater will receive:
  • 30-minute group class with a certified Learn-To-Skate USA coach.
  • Free public skate sessions after class for practice.
  • One makeup class to be used within a week of absence.
  • Membership to Learn-To-Skate USA.
  • Practice card and certificate
  • Rental skates for classes.
  • Optional Badge for $3.00
  • Welcome Packets:
  • All new members also receive a welcome packet getting them ready to enjoy and succeed in the world of ice skating.
  • Skater record book to track progress
  • Parent handbook
  • Membership card
  • Learn to Skate USA Magazine

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What do I do on the first day of group lessons?

A: We recommend getting to the ice rank at least 20-30 minutes before your scheduled group lesson. When you arrive, check in at the office and receive your lanyard and instructions for where to meet your coach; classes are coded by color. Next, proceed to the skate rental counter for your skates and/or helmet.

Q: Where can I watch my child?

A: We ask that parents, especially parents of young, beginner level skaters, please stay in the lobby for at least the first 10 minutes of class so our staff can go over off-ice instructions prior to getting on the ice. Once class has started, please feel free to come inside and watch! 

Q: How does my child find the coach for subsequent classes?

A: After receiving their skates at the skate rental, skaters will proceed onto the ice. Please take note of where the coach is located on the first day, as class will usually meet at the same location every week. These will also be marked by colored signs to help.

Q: What should I wear to class?

A: Wear warm, comfortable clothing, long socks, gloves, and a jacket. Dressing in layers is recommended. We have helmets available at the skate rental desk, but students may also bring their own helmet. Knee pads without an outer plastic shell is recommended. Thin- or medium-weight socks are optimal. Please watch our “how to properly lace ice skate” video here (link).

Q: How do I know if I graduated and will proceed to the next level?

A: Students receive a test at the end of each group lesson series. Each skater will receive a graded test sheet or, alternatively, a “what to work on for next time” feedback from your coach. Basic Skills badges 1-6 are available for purchase.